Our products are sought after in both domestic and international markets. In China, we supplied our oily sludge demulsifying agents and provide relevant technical assistance to clients all over China particularly in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Gansu, and Xinjiang whose area produces huge amount of oily sludge yearly. This allows the local oil operators to manage their waste properly as well as to promote green and sustainable development among the local oil operators.

The concept of using natural asphalt as refinery feedstock remain new to the local refineries, especially among government-linked refineries. On the other hand, private refineries had once considered the usage of natural asphalt as their alternative feedstock due to the legal constraint in obtaining crude oil supplies from the market, but had discarded that idea as the extraction of crude bitumen from natural asphalt requires advance technology and high capital cost. This creates huge opportunity for the company as our technology employs economically viable methods to streamline the entire extraction process.

Once the first phase of the project is completed, the company aims to export its product to the international market, targeting oil-production countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and South America. Potential partners from Indonesia and Malaysia had expressed their respective interest towards our demulsifying agent technology. This step will mark the first step in line with the company’s vision to create a renewable and sustainable oil industry for a better tomorrow.


Global demand for asphalt is approximately 120 million tons/year, with a compound annual growth rate, CAGR of 3.6%. The consumption of asphalt in Asia is now more than 45 million tons/year. Emerging markets in Asia are densely populated like Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand would require intense infrastructure developments and shall further drive the demand of asphalt to next level high.

In Indonesia, the demand of asphalt is approximately 1.5 million ton/year and remained growing momentum. Besides that, asphalt for waterproofing materials, anticorrosive materials and insulation materials have huge market potential and shall further expand along the growth of economic in the region.

In China, the overall asphalt consumption in 2020 is approximately 34.5 million tons/year, with a yearly increase of 9%. At the same time, China’s total highway mileage has reached 5.1 million km while total road maintenance 4.9 million km. Hence, a large amount of asphalt is required and keeping the market momentum strong and sustainable. In the post-epidemic era, it is expected that countries will vigorously launch infrastructure construction and the demand for asphalt will further increase. The Belt and Road Initiative has huge potential and shall drive cross-regional infrastructure construction.


Future Development

The discovery of crude oil four thousand years ago, and the setting up of the first oil refinery in England around 1847, had led to the rapid development of various industries in the 19th century and brought forth the world to what it is today. At the same time, precious earth resources are depleting at an extremely fast pace. Waste generated from the oil refining activities such as oily sludge and CO₂ had severely polluted the surrounding environment, leading to the destruction of many valuable habitats. In other words, we are advancing at the cost of the Earth’s destruction.

Realizing the importance of sustainable development, our company had put in numerous efforts in finding a solution to this problem, which leads to the production of these demulsifying agents. With our technology, we are able to achieve a clean separation of the oil-water-solid mixture from the oily sludge, resulting in full utilization of the waste generated from the oil refining activity. Today, the world is moving towards green and sustainable development. Those high labor, high energy consumption and highly polluting industry will eventually be phased out, paving the way to a new generation of greener and environmental friendly enterprise.

In that regards, our company employs green technology in all of our process, and our products display high market competitiveness, which gives us the edge we need to compete with existing corporate. We will maintain our passion in technology, and constantly seek ways to refine our current techniques and process, all for the sake of preserving our beautiful environment and to promote a greener future for our children.